Adventures in Argyle (and other stories)

Editor’s note: The next few posts will be from various Bella Voce members sharing their own stories from the trip. This post is written by Ellen.

We were warned about the “midgies.” They’re little bugs, somewhat similar to the no-see-ums we so much treasure here in Vermont. The photo on the left, from outside the Atholl Palace Hotel, shows Cathy and Donna-Sue shielding themselves from the little critters.

In the right photo, Heather posed in some heather to highlight her Scottish heritage.

After our shared concert with the Inverness Gaelic Choir, they hosted a lovely and friendly party. We ate, drank, and chatted, and they gave us little gifts of either whiskey or fudge. A special treat – five of their guys sang for everyone, with some tongue-twisting songs. We were wowed! Next season will be their 30th. They will come across the pond to sing in Nova Scotia. A few of us planted a seed – come sing with us here in Vermont! (Heck, after crossing the ocean, won’t we be relatively close?)


Now, about the argyle socks…

Maybe it was Vikki’s idea. Let’s all wear argyle socks for the third (of three) concerts. Linda and Dawn bought them for all of us. The night before the concert, as some of us sat outside enjoying after-dinner drinks, the socks magically appeared on our hands, singing! (Does anyone remember Lamb Chop?) Dawn appeared, and we serenaded her. She absolutely howled laughing! Before leaving for the concert late the next afternoon, Deb and Dawn showed theirs, while sitting on a couch in the hotel lobby. Jeri and Laura posed outside, showing some leg or ankle – scandalous! After the concert, at our tour farewell dinner, Colleen and Jenny sang for us, socks on hands.

(Click to enlarge photos.)

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1 Response to Adventures in Argyle (and other stories)

  1. Carolyn Murray says:

    Thanks for your post, Ellen. Love the argyle socks!

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