Firenze – Jenny’s visit

It was a bit strange to say ciao to the group today while I stayed behind. The bus left at 7:15 this morning, and I left soon after for Florence. Checked in, then hit the streets. This is a busy and crowded city, not quite what I expected! I wandered around, crossed the Ponte Vecchio and made my way to the Duomo, which stopped me in my tracks. It is a powerful presence because of the size and the amount of detail. There is an unmistakable sense of the number of hours invested in its construction.

And of course there are dozens of shops lining every street. Especially leather goods.

Tomorrow the galleria dell’ Accademia.


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1 Response to Firenze – Jenny’s visit

  1. Jenny says:

    So I’ll try again tomorrow for the Accademia. 😉
    Today I went in the dome of il Duomo, that is UP not in… and stayed in for maybe 4 hours. The climb up was exciting- hundreds of steps that get more and more narrow as you ascend. A view of the city awaits you at the top. Glad I went early because many of the stairs are barely more than shoulder’s width- tricky passing people to say the least. On the way down I stopped on the upper scaffold in the dome to take in the very frightening frescos, and did a little drawing. It was relaxing.
    Then to a used shop on the other side of the river. I bought a Marianelli purse I saw yesterday but thought I’d sleep on it. I think it’s a good deal at 40€, eh?
    On a whim I stopped into Piazza dè Pitti for another… 3-4 hours. A wonderful collection of art – paintings, frescos, precious stone mosaics ( and a small exhibit about them) and sculptures. Crazy to think people lived there. You should see the bathroom! So much extravagance!!
    Now I’m relaxing with some snacks and wine – where’s Amy when I need her to share my wine?
    I hope everyone has arrived safely home, or to their next destination.
    Ciao, Jenny

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