Bella Voce’s Big Red Balloon Tour

After a successful day 1 (occupied mostly by flights, airports, a lovely walking tour of Vienna and dinner at a nice little restaurant a minute’s walk from our hotel), Day 2 is reaching it’s end! Still adjusting to losing 6 hours by being in Kremsmunster, Austria, I rolled out of bed at quarter to 7 to enjoy a breakfast including delicious fruit, cheese, yogurt(!), croissants with nutella, and of course, coffee. Bella Voce and company loaded onto our tour bus to enjoy a scenic drive to St. Florian Abbey. A beautifully large and quite picturesque library, a rather long corridor, a grave with over 6000 skulls and bones behind it, a beautiful church with and incredible organ, and a beautiful banquet hall included some of the wonderful sights we saw at the Abbey.Tears were shed by some of us after singing a few songs in the banquet hall, and of course a photo op was had.
We then sang a short concert to be broadcasted on the radio under a lovely giant red tent- affectionately dubbed the giant red balloon by Chelsie and I. (She and I will now be referring to our tour as Bella Voce’s Big Red Balloon Tour). We promptly gathered and boarded the bus to sing our joint concert with the Austrian folk choir in Bad Hall. We had a lot of fun, but by the time it was over I at least was wiped, and really ready for dinner, where we surely ate drank and were merry!
A lot of singing, delicious food, wine and beer, and camaraderie made our night one I know I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Love, Becky (Wood)

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3 Responses to Bella Voce’s Big Red Balloon Tour

  1. Nan O'Leary says:

    Becky, it seemed like I was actually there! Wonderful commentary!

  2. Becky Wood says:

    Thanks Nan!

  3. The big red balloon tour!

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