Ciao from Italia

Buongiorno to all of my fellow travellers! I am at the beautiful Agriturismo Pulicaro in Acquapendente, Viterbo (abbreviated as VT!!) for my final day. Tomorrow I will hop an overnight train from Firenze to Wien! I have been busy planting olive trees, harvesting fruits and vegetables, weeding and watering gardens, feeding a variety of happy animals – chickens, pheasants, turkeys, ducks, geese, goats, dogs, rabbits, and kittens, making cherry jam, sorting and washing eggs, heaving rocks out of the fields, and EATING EATING EATING fresh, local foods from the farm and from the farms in the area. In fact, I must go now to pick strawberries (fragole), salad, and zucchini for lunch!

Love and safe travels – Chelsie

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1 Response to Ciao from Italia

  1. singmusic2 says:

    Hey – this sounds like a dream job to me! Wish I could join you. ~Nan

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