Preparations for Departure!

Things are ramping up this week and we readying ourselves for the big tour! One last rehearsal, copying programs, checking power adapters, printing posters, pulling out passports and soon we’ll be off! A group will depart by van together and others have left early or will make their way to the Boston airport for group departure. Purple polo shirts on, we’ll gather excitedly in anticipation of all we’ll do and see together. Wish us well!


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3 Responses to Preparations for Departure!

  1. Esther Nui says:

    Read the post in Prague. Look forward to seeing you all in Vienna. Prague is great. Lots of walking and all walking surfaces are cobbled! I am glad I have sneakers as well as a raincoat.

  2. singmusic2 says:

    LOVE the posters! Travel safely!

  3. Katherine Willis says:

    I wish you all very well!!! :DD Love the posters, makes me tear up that I can’t go with you – molto buona fortuna, and safest travels all!!! Much love, Katherine

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